How to apply flair and tags on Reddit

Are you new to Reddit and don’t understand the colorful buttons beside posts? They are either flair or tag. They have only one purpose, which is to reveal the type of the post. 

Some subreddits require you to pick a flair or tag before submitting any post. There are only three tags: NSFW, SPOILER and OC. Subreddit moderators can’t create new tags but can create flairs to categorize posts. 

Usage of Flair & Tags

Let’s begin with tags. Some subreddit may not have flairs, but every subreddit has tags. Why?

Reddit provides tags; it comes by default with every subreddit. Every tag has a special meaning. The tag expresses the post type and whether you should click on a post. 

NSFW: It means the post is not safe for work; it may contain violence, explicit content, etc. Reddit hides NSFW content by default. So, unless users enable NSFW content on their account, they won’t see any post with an NSFW tag.

SPOILER: As Reddit is a place to discuss anything, you may read some spoilers about a game you didn’t play or content you didn’t watch. So, a post with a SPOILER tag means you should only proceed if you will. 

OC: Reddit is a place of creative minds. The funniest memes or a legendary video edit; everything originates from Reddit. Using the OC tag means the author originally created the content and wants to take credit for it. 

Now, let’s discuss flairs. Flairs are like categories of a forum. Consider a subreddit a forum. Every forum has dozens of categories to organize the content. 

Moderators can only allow specific posts under one of their existing formats. You can pick multiple tags but only a flair for your post. 

Add a tag and flair on the Reddit website

Adding a tag and flair to your posts is easy if you use the Reddit web version. Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website

Click on Create Post

Click on the Create Post box from Reddit’s homepage. 

Select a subreddit

Select a community where you want to submit your post by clicking the Choose a community drop-down menu. 

Fill out the title & body, and add images or videos to your post if needed. Or, switch to the Poll if you want to do a survey. 

Choose Flair

Pick one or multiple tags for your post. Click on the Flair drop-down menu and pick the flair that suits your post.

Submit post on Reddit

Click on Post to submit your content. 

Add a tag and flair on the Reddit app

If a subreddit requires a flair, it doesn’t matter if you use the website or app; you must add a flair.

Tap on Create

Open the Reddit app on your smartphone and press the Create button from the bottom bar. 

Tap Next

Enter your post title & body, add an image/video or create a poll and tap Next at the top right corner.

Select a community

Select a subreddit where you want to submit your post.


Tap RULES beside the subreddit name and read all the rules to avoid further issues. 

Add tags and flair

Now, press Add tags & flair (required). If tags & flair are not mandatory, you can see Add tags & flair (optional).

Select tags and flair

Pick any flair and tag that matches your content and tap Apply

Post on Reddit app

Press the Post button to submit your post. 

Reddit moderators and users take flair and tags seriously. So, only use tags and flair that are ideal for your content. Otherwise, moderators can remove your post with the wrong tags and flair. 

Uchchash Talukder Rana is the founder of @ansmegeek. He is the jack of all trades and master of a few. He uses Windows, Mac, Android & iOS on a daily basis. If he is not sleeping, either he is writing articles or playing Valorant.

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