Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging: Here’s some quick fixes

You plugged in your Dell laptop one hour ago, and you suddenly clicked the battery icon on the taskbar to check the percentage, and it says, “plugged in, not charging.”

It’s hard to digest that the laptop can detect the charger, but it’s not charging. It’s a common problem among Dell laptops, and they introduced a few solutions. 

Along with my personal experience and Dell’s official guidance, this article will help you identify the problem and suggest solutions. 

Plugged in Not Charging

Check Battery Health

Dell laptop battery health

A healthy battery is mandatory for a functional laptop. You can quickly check the current health of your battery from the BIOS. 

If your laptop is turned on, restart it; if it’s off, turn it on and continuously press F2 at the beginning to boot into the BIOS settings. 

Expand the General menu and go to Battery Information from the menu. It shows the current battery health and charging status. 

If the battery health is abnormal, you must replace the battery to charge your laptop because a defective battery can’t charge itself. 

Uninstall and reinstall the battery driver

Hardware drivers are mandatory in a laptop, and a glitch in the driver can cause malfunction. Laptops are battery-powered, so they have a battery driver. 

You can uninstall the driver and restart the system to reinstall the driver. Here’s how:

Press Windows + S key and a search bar will appear on your screen. Type Device Manager and click on it from the search results.

Right-click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and click Uninstall Driver. A pop-up will ask for your affirmation; select OK to confirm. 

Update BIOS

Bugs on your current BIOS version can hamper the charging capabilities of your laptop. You can flash BIOS to the latest version, but updating BIOS requires battery power. 

Some DELL laptops require at least 50% charge on the battery to update the BIOS, while others can flash the BIOS at 10% while connected to a power source. 

You must download the latest BIOS version from the official website of DELL. You can follow the official guideline to perform a BIOS Update. 

Disconnect and reconnect the AC adapter

Due to a system glitch, your laptop may not identify the charger connected to it. It happens to all laptop users. 

There’s an easy way to solve this issue. Disconnect the charging cable from your laptop, and detach the cable from the adapter. Then reconnect the charging cable to the adapter and connect it to your laptop. 

Connect to a wall socket

Connect to a wall socket

Most of us use a multi-plug to charge our gadgets, and it’s pretty normal to use a multi-plug. But a faulty multi-plug may not be able to pass enough power to charge your laptop. 

You can fix this issue by plugging the ac adapter into a wall socket. The wall socket is extremely powerful; you can get enough power to charge your laptop. 

You can simply replace the multi-plug if the laptop is charging on the wall socket.

Use Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter is a powerful tool to identify if there’s something wrong with the system. The Troubleshooter will show you the errors and probable fixes, whether it’s the hardware or any glitch.

  1. Press Windows + S key to open the Windows search box.
  2. Type Control Panel and click on it from the search results.
  3. In the Search box, type Troubleshooting and click on it.
  4. Click on Power under System and Security.
  5. It will diagnose the system and try to come up with a solution. 

Charge in BIOS Mode

The easiest way to determine if something is wrong with your operating system is to use the BIOS screen. Your laptop battery will charge on the BIOS screen if it’s a driver or update issue.

Press the power button and press F2 until it takes you to the BIOS settings. Now connect the power cable on your laptop and go to General > Battery Information

Wait a while; if the battery percentage increases, you may have to reinstall Windows to fix this issue. 

Uchchash Talukder Rana is the founder of @ansmegeek. He is the jack of all trades and master of a few. He uses Windows, Mac, Android & iOS on a daily basis. If he is not sleeping, either he is writing articles or playing Valorant.

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