How to disable Google Discover in Chrome Android/iPhone

Chrome Android shows Google Discover articles based on your browsing interest. Google Discover curates fresh articles from the internet and shows them to Chrome users. 

You can refresh the Discover feed from Chrome’s homepage and hide any specific publisher, news or website. 

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a feed of the Google Search Engine. It crawls the internet and collects fresh updates. 

Google Discover is available only on mobile devices as an app. Both Chrome Android & iOS show a Discover feed on its homepage.

Google tries to show articles on the topics that interest you. But, sometimes, it fails, and you just don’t want to get any more Discover suggestions. 

Disable Google Discover on Chrome Android/iPhone

Tap the Gear icon

Open Google Chrome on your Android/iPhone and press the gear icon beside Discover. A menu will pop up on the screen. 

Select Turn off

Select Turn off from the menu.

Turn on Discover

You can see that the Discover section is now displayed as Discover – off. You can turn on Google Discover anytime by pressing the gear icon and selecting Turn on from the menu. 

Refresh the Discover feed

If there’s no relevant news on your Discover feed, you can refresh the feed a few times to get the latest news.

Tap three-dots icon

Launch Google Chrome and tap the three-dots icon at the top right corner. 

Reload Discover

Tap the reload icon, and it will refresh your Discover feed. Refresh a few times, and Google will show new and relevant articles on your feed.

Hide specific news, topics or sites from Discover

Though Google Discover works with fresh articles, not all are meant for you. There is some irrelevant news on relevant topics from irrelevant publishers. 

You can get rid of them easily from the Discover feed.  

Discover shows some articles when you open Google Chrome. Every article has a three-dot icon beside the Share icon. 

Tap three-dots

Tap the three dots icon below the article you want to hide, and a pop-up will appear on your screen.

Hide discover article or site

Select Hide this if you want to hide only that specific news. Choose Not interested in [Topic Name] to hide all news about that topic, or Don’t show content from [Site Name] to hide content from a specific publisher. 

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