How to Double Space on Google Docs

Double spacing means applying Double as the line spacing of your document. The default line spacing of Google Docs is 1.15. 

Using double spacing on your document increases the readability. You can adjust the line spacing from the Docs website and mobile app. You can make double spacing default for your future documents if you want. 

Double Space on Docs Web

Step-1: Open a web browser on your computer and visit the Google Docs website. Click on the document where you need to apply double spacing.

Step-2: Select all paragraphs or a specific paragraph where you want to apply the double space. You don’t need to select anything if it’s a blank document. After adjusting the line spacing, anything you write will follow the setting. 

Select text on Google Docs

Step-3: Click the Line & paragraph spacing icon from the toolbar and select Double. It will apply double spacing on the selected lines.

Double Space on Google Docs

Adjust Paragraph Spacing on Docs

Line spacing and paragraph spacing are entirely different. Line spacing means the gap between each line, and a paragraph may contain multiple lines. 

If you adjust the line spacing, you might have to change the paragraph spacing so that the document looks nice. 

Step-1: Select all the paragraphs of your existing document by pressing ctrl + a or cmd + a. 

Step-2: Click on Line & paragraph spacing from the toolbar.

Step-3: Select Custom spacing from the menu. A pop-up will appear on the screen.

Go to Custom spacing

Step-4: Modify the spacing before and after paragraphs and click Apply

Custom Spacing Google Docs

Double Space on Docs App

If you are working on a document from the Docs app, you can adjust the line spacing from the app.

Step-1: Open the Docs app and tap on the document you want to edit. Press the Edit button to go to the editing mode.

Step-2: Select the paragraphs or lines you want to apply double spacing to.

Step-3: Tap the Format icon from the toolbar. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen; switch to the Paragraph tab from the pop-up.

Step-4: Press the icon till you reach 2 in the Line spacing section. 

Make Double Space your default Line spacing

If you need to use double space often, you can make it the default line spacing for your documents. The approach is similar to changing the default font for your documents.

Step-1: Open an existing document in a web browser and select all texts by pressing ctrl + a (Windows) or cmd + a (Mac).

Step-2: Click on Line & paragraph spacing from the toolbar and select Double.

Double Space on Google Docs

Step-3: Select the double-spaced lines on your document and click Format from the menu. Select Paragraph styles from the menu; move your mouse cursor over Normal text and click Update “Normal text” to match

Click on Update Normal text to match

Step-4: Again, click Format from the menu but ensure the texts are still selected. Navigate to Paragraph styles > Options and click Save as my default styles

Save as my default styles

What you did here is first, you applied double space on some selected lines. Then you updated the normal text to use the line spacing of your selected texts. Finally, you saved the updated double-spaced normal text as your default style. 

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