How to enable extensions in incognito in Chrome

Incognito browsing is a way to browse the internet without saving the history on your browser and cookies or caches on your computer. Chrome doesn’t offer its extensions for the incognito mode by default.

Every extension you install is available for the normal browsing mode. Sometimes, you will need a few specific extensions while using the incognito mode. You can allow any specific extension to work in the incognito mode. 

Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito

Chrome mobile version doesn’t support extensions, so you can only follow this guideline on a computer. 

Click on Extensions icon

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click the Extensions icon from the toolbar. 

Select Manage Extensions

A pop-up will show a list of installed extensions; select Manage Extensions from the pop-up.

Click on Details

Click the Details button below the extension you want to allow in incognito.

Allow in incognito

Toggle on Allow in Incognito from this page. 

Now open the incognito window and click the Extensions icon. You can find the extension you have allowed. 

Disable Chrome Extensions in Incognito

You can disable any extensions from accessing the incognito window. It’s a good practice to browse incognito tabs without extensions.

Extensions can monitor your browsing history or use trackers. That is why Chrome doesn’t allow extensions in incognito in the first place.

Click on three dots icon

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click the three-dots icon at the top right corner. 

Go to Manage Extensions

Move your mouse cursor over Extensions and select Manage Extensions

Click on Details

Click on Details below the extension you want to disable in incognito. 

Toggle off Allow in incognito

Toggle off Allow in incognito, and the extension will not work on incognito anymore. 

Always try to use the incognito mode without any extensions. Extensions are allowed to read the data from the web pages you visit. So, it’s not safe to have any extensions that can threaten your privacy. 

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