Fix Google Docs Words Going Off Page

While working on a document, you can face many unfortunate issues. One such issue is your words going off the page while typing. 

It happens due to improper text formatting or margins. 

In this article, you will learn how to stop words from going off the page of your document and make it look professional again. 

Google Docs Word Going Off Page

Open a web browser and go to the Google Docs website. Click on the document where words are going off the page. If the document is already open, select all text of the document.

Google Docs Words Going Off Page

There are multiple ways to select all text of a document. You can press ctrl + a or cmd + a, use the mouse cursor to select, or click Edit from the menu bar and choose Select all from the menu.

Google Docs Select all

To fix the word going off the page, Click Format from the menu bar, and a menu will appear on your screen. Move your mouse cursor to Align & indent, and a sub-menu appears on your screen. Go to Indentation options from the sub-menu.

Go to Indentation options

In the Right and Left fields, enter 0. Ensure None is selected as the Special indent and click Apply. It will fix the issue instantly. 

Fix indentation

However, you can also fix this issue by using Clear formatting. Click Format from the menu bar and select Clear formatting. It removes any space, indentation, or alignment from your selected texts. 

Clear formatting from menu

You can also use the Clear formatting icon from the toolbar to fix this issue. It also has a shortcut, ctrl + \ or cmd + \

Clear formatting from the toolbar

Whether you use Indetaion options or clear formatting, it removes your right margin. Suppose there was a negative right indentation on your page; clear formatting will set the indentation to zero. Which will also make your right margin 0, and it looks ugly.

Click File from the menu bar and go to Page setup from the menu. Page setup options appear as a pop-up on your screen.

Go to Page setup

Apply a 1-inch margin on each side, which is the default and popular margin setting for documents. Click OK to apply the changes.

Adjust margins Google Docs

That’s it. Now words will stay inside the page margins. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why do the words go off the page in Docs?

Two things can cause this problem. Negative indentation or margin settings. You can fix this issue by changing indentation options and margins.

Will the problem occur again?

Not unless you manually change the indentation settings. You have to learn how to apply hanging indent or first line indent properly to avoid this issue.

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