How to change Reddit avatar

Redditors choose their username and avatars with caution. It’s the only way to show off your creativity.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your Reddit username once you take it. But you can change your avatar as much as you want. 

Reddit has a shop where you can buy premium avatars or customize the default avatar in your way. 

What is a Reddit avatar? 

Avatar is a fancy name for a profile picture. The difference is it doesn’t have to be a human picture. 

You can customize a virtual character by your choice. Nobody on Reddit uses their original picture. 

While creating your Reddit account, it sets up a default avatar for your profile. You can create a personalized avatar later from the Reddit website or mobile app. 

Create an avatar from the Reddit app

Reddit receives the majority of its traffic from mobile users. If you are a Redditor and a mobile user, here’s how to create or change your current avatar. 

Tap on your Reddit avatar

Open the Reddit app on your smartphone. If you operate multiple accounts, switch to the correct one.

Press Style Avatar

Tap on your current avatar from the top right corner. A menu appears on your screen; press the Create Avatar button. 

Hint: If you modified the avatar in the past, you can see the Style Avatar button; press it.

Switch to the Edit tab

It takes you to the Shop page, where you can find all premium avatars. Switch to the Edit tab, where you can customize your free avatar.

Wear all

The first tab is Outfits. Pick one of the outfits from the available list. Tap on an outfit and press Wear All if you want to look like the outfit. Or, pick a specific style.

Choose your dress

If you didn’t wear everything in an outfit, change the Tops, Bottoms, Hair, Face, Eyes, Body, Facial Hair, Hat, and Hands

Change Reddit Avatar

After modifying the avatar, press Save at the top right corner of the screen. Select Confirm from the screen to change your avatar. 

Change Reddit Avatar From Website

The Reddit website has an edge over the mobile app. You can style your robotic avatar or upload a custom picture from your computer.

Open a web browser and go to Click on your username at the top right corner; a menu appears on your screen.

Style Avatar Reddit

Select Create Avatar from the menu. If you have already created an avatar in the past, select Style Avatar from the menu.

Switch to the You tab

Switch to the You tab. 

Click on Body

Click on Body

Choose your body color

Select your avatar’s body color. There are a few solid colors and a color wheel. Pick the color you want and click on the Back arrow

Click on Eyes

Switch to the Eyes tab.

Pick your eyes design

Pick the design of your avatar’s eyes and color. Click the back arrow to return to the You page.

Choose your appearance

Follow the same process to pick your avatar’s hair, expression, and facial hair

Switch to the Style tab

Now it’s time to add styles to your avatar. Switch to the Style tab. Click on Tops, Bottoms, Hats, Face, Left Hand, or Right Hand to pick styles. 

Choose a full outfit

Or, you can click on Full Outfits and pick everything in a single click.

Click Save

Click Save after customizing your avatar.

Add a custom avatar on Reddit

Reddit user settings

Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website. Click on your username at the top right corner and select User Settings from the menu.

Switch to the Profile tab

Switch to the Profile tab. 

Change your Reddit avatar

Scroll down and click on your current avatar. It will open the file manager of your computer.

Pick the custom image from your computer. Reddit will auto-update your avatar. 

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