How to DM someone on Reddit

Reddit has two types of messaging systems. One is known as Chat, and the other is known as Message. Both are different; Chat is a modern messaging like Messenger, whereas Message is a classic Reddit messaging system.

Chat vs Message

Reddit has two different options for Chat and Message. When a new user sends you a chat, it waits for your approval in the Requests folder. On the other hand, if a user sends a message, it will arrive in your Inbox directly. 

There is a crucial difference between the Chat and Message. The message is text-only, but Chat supports images, GIFs, and stickers like modern messaging applications. 

Message is also known as DM, while chat is known as Chat. You can opt out of chat requests and DM. You can’t send a chat or DM to someone who turned them off. 

How to DM someone on Reddit Website

Go to from a web browser and log in to your Reddit account. Open the subreddit or post where you found someone you want to DM.

Click on their username to visit their profile page. 

Click on the Chat button beside Follow. It will load that user profile on the Chat screen. 

Type a well-informed message, as Reddit will show this message to the user and ask them to respond. 

So, click the Send button after typing your message or inserting an image. 

Or, if you want to send a private text message directly to their Inbox, click More Options below the user profile.

Select Send Message from the options. It takes you to a separate page. 

Enter a message subject and type your message. Finally, click the Send button. 

How to DM someone on the Reddit App

The Reddit app also has two options, Chat and Inbox, on the bottom bar of the app. First, launch the app and tap on the username you want to send a message. 

Select Start Chat from the pop-up to send a chat invitation. Otherwise, select View profile to send a private message. 

Tap the three-dots icon at the top right corner of that user’s profile and select Send a message from the pop-up. 

Enter the subject of your message and type your messages. Press Send to send the message. 

If you visit someone’s profile and can’t find the Chat button or icon, or there’s no Send Message on More Options, the user doesn’t want to receive any chat request or private message. 

You won’t be able to send a message to a user who disabled chat and private messages from the settings.

How to disable chat and private messages on Reddit

In case you wonder how you can message some people but can’t for many, here’s how to not receive any kind of message on Reddit:

Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website. Click on your avatar at the top right corner and go to User Settings from the menu.

Switch to the Chat & Messaging tab. 

Select Nobody from the drop-down menu in both sections to prevent any messages. 

However, it prevents new chat requests. If you were already chatting with someone, or someone already sent you a chat invitation in the past, they can message you in the chat. 

If you are a mobile user, open the Reddit app on your smartphone; tap on the avatar at the top right corner and go to Settings from the menu.

Select Account settings for u/username. 

Scroll down to the Blocking and Permissions section. Toggle off chat requests or direct messages. 

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