How to do 1 inch margins on Google Docs

Open your document; click on File and go to Page setup from the menu. Enter 1 in the four margin fields and click OK to apply the 1 inch margins to your document. 

While working on APA or MLA format, you must have an a4 paper size and a 1 inch margin on each side. 

1-inch margins are the default margin system of Google Docs. Unless you previously changed the default margin size, you don’t need to change anything else. 

As Docs mobile app shows the document in letter size, you can’t apply 1 inch margins from the app. However, if you make 1 inch margins your default margin, any documents created using the mobile app will also have it. 

1 inch margins on Google Docs

Step-1: Open the document in a web browser 

Open a new tab on your browser and go to the Google Docs dashboard. Switch to the proper account if multiple Google Accounts are logged into the same user profile. 

Google Docs Dashboard

Click on any document where you want to apply the 1 inch margins or create a blank document. 

Step-2: Click File from the menu bar

Every Google Doc has a menu bar below the document title. There are eight options available on the menu bar.

Click on File

Click on File from the menu bar. A menu will appear on your screen. 

Step-3: Go to Page setup

There are dozens of options in the menu; navigate to the bottom of the menu and click on Page setup. It’s above the Print option. 

Go to Page setup

It opens the Page setup as a pop-up on your current document. 

Step-4: Use 1 in the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right Field

On the right side of the Page setup pop-up, there’s a section named Margins. The measurement is already in inches, so you won’t have to modify the unit. 

Enter 1 in all fields (Top, Bottom, Left & Right).

Do 1 inch margins on Google Docs

Step-5: Click OK to apply 1 inch margins

After inserting 1 in every margin field, click OK to apply the margins to your current document. 

However, if you want to use 1 inch margins on your future documents, you must set 1 inch as the default margins or manually adjust the margin every time you create a new document.

To do so, click Set as default before clicking OK. Now press OK to save your default margin settings. 

1-inch margins on Docs mobile app

Docs mobile app shows the document in Letter size and has no page numbering system. But you can preview your document in any page size you want. 

When your default margin is 1 inch on each side, whether you use the web or mobile app, the shared document or downloaded MS Word version will have 1-inch margins. 

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