How to Enable/Disable/Delete extensions on Google Chrome

You can enable or disable extensions by clicking the menu icon at the top right corner of Chrome and navigating to Extensions > Manage Extensions. However, Chrome mobile browser doesn’t support extensions. 

Chrome is a powerful browser because there’s an extension for everything. Thousands of extensions are available on the Chrome web store, but a few can hamper your browsing experience. 

Sometimes you will face issues you can’t detect without disabling extensions. However, if you disable the wrong extension, you must know how to enable it. The extension manager allows you to enable, disable or remove extensions from the same place. 

So, let’s get started. 

Enable, Disable, or Delete Extensions on Google Chrome

Chrome Extensions Manager shows all your installed extensions, whether active or not. You can navigate to the Extensions manager from the menu or toolbar. 

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click the horizontal three-dot menu icon at the top right corner. A pop-up appears on your screen; move your mouse cursor to Extensions and click on Manage Extensions.

Go to Manage Extensions

Alternatively, click the Extensions icon on the toolbar, and a list of your installed extensions will appear; click on Manage Extensions below the list. It takes you to the Extensions Manager.

Manage Extensions from the toolbar

Every extension has a toggle button at the bottom right corner. Toggle on to enable a disabled extension or toggle off to disable an active extension. 

Enable or Disable Extensions

You can also delete an extension from this page. Click the Remove button below the extension details, and a pop-up will ask for affirmation; click Remove from the pop-up. It will delete the extension and its associated data. 

Remove an extension on Google Chrome

However, you can also remove an extension from the toolbar. Click the Extensions icon from the toolbar. There’s a horizontal three-dot menu icon beside every extension; click on it and select Remove from Chrome from the menu.

Select Remove from Chrome

Finally, click Remove from the pop-up to remove the extension. 

Click Remove on the pop up

Chrome mobile doesn’t support Extensions, but Kiwi does

Chrome Mobile can’t install or manage extensions. So it’s impossible to use extensions on it. However, you can install Kiwi Browser on your smartphone. 

You can install any extension from Chrome Web Store and manage extensions from the menu. The menu has an option called Extensions, and the interface is the same as the Chrome computer. 

If you use an ad-blocker to block ads or VPN to become anonymous, you will often have issues while browsing the internet. 

These types of extensions conflict with the websites, or the websites prevents users from accessing using these extensions. Hence it’s essential to know how to deactivate any extension to fix the problem.

If you are confused between disabling or deleting an extension, you should decide whether the extension is malicious. If it’s not malicious, you should deactivate it if you don’t need it often. 

Deleting an extension deletes saved data from your computer, and you have to set it up if you decide to use it in the future. 

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