How to hide Reddit Online Status

Reddit is more than a content-sharing platform. People can follow each other and send a DM on this platform.

Like any social media app, Reddit also has a Show online feature. Reddit shows every active user online by default.

One can turn off the online status from their profile using the Reddit website or mobile app.

What is the Reddit online status?

As a Redditor, you may be active in different communities where you comment daily.

Or, if you chat daily with other Redditors, they have your profile on their Chat system.

Reddit shows a green circle if the user is active and their online status is on.

The online status is visible to everyone on Reddit. Anyone who can read your comment can see your active status.

Sometimes, you may not want everyone to know you are online; you must turn off your online status to avoid this.

Hide online status on the Reddit app

Most of the Redditors use the mobile app to access Reddit. The app shows your active status in your comments but not on your profile. You can turn it off from the menu. 

Open the Reddit app on your smartphone and switch to the correct account if you use multiple accounts like me. 

Hide online status Reddit app

Tap on your Reddit avatar at the top right corner of the app and press Online Status: On. It’s green because it’s showing your active status. 

Now, it won’t show your online status to anyone, even if you are active. 

Hide online status on the Reddit website

The Reddit website also shows your online status in your comments, but it’s unavailable on the profile page. 

Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website. If you are not logged in, log in or switch to your account if you have multiple accounts. 

Hide online status on Reddit

Click on your username at the top menu bar’s top right corner and toggle off Online Status. 

Now, you can actively read comments or reply without anyone knowing your online status. 

Should you show online status? 

Most people hide their online status. Reddit is brutal, and some people can be mean to you. 

If they disagree with your statement, they can attack you further in chat or comments if they know you are actively watching. 

Reddit only shows the active status in your comments or if you have already accepted someone’s chat request. Still, it’s better to hide the online status so nobody knows you are active on Reddit.

Uchchash Talukder Rana is the founder of @ansmegeek. He is the jack of all trades and master of a few. He uses Windows, Mac, Android & iOS on a daily basis. If he is not sleeping, either he is writing articles or playing Valorant.

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