How to post videos on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to share your videos. Be it gameplay, a video you recorded on your phone, or a masterpiece you edited, you can reach a broad audience easily using Reddit. 

You must know some things before you upload your video to Reddit. First, you must ensure your video is eligible for Reddit; the platform has some requirements. 

Second, you must meet the subreddit rules. Some subreddits allow video uploading; some only allow YouTube links. 

You will learn all the details to ensure your video is ready to break the internet. Let’s begin. 

Reddit Video Requirements

Reddit renders audio and video separately. Your video must follow their supported video formats, or Reddit won’t be able to render the video correctly. Also, there’s a maximum file size limit and duration for videos.

Supported video type: MP4 or MOV

Maximum video file size: 1 GB

Maximum video duration: 15 minutes. 

Post Videos on the Reddit Website

Posting videos on Reddit is the same as posting pictures. Reddit has a dedicated tab called  Images & Video on their new post page. 

Open a new tab in your web browser and go to the Reddit website. Click on the Create Post box from the homepage.

Click on the Choose a community drop-down menu and select the subreddit where you want to post your video.

Enter the title of your video post and switch to the Images & Video tab. 

Click on Upload and select the video file from your computer. Ensure the video is in MP4 or MOV format, the file size is less than 1 GB, and the duration is less than 15 minutes. 

Select the necessary tags and flair for the video and click Post to submit your video. 

Post Videos on the Reddit app

Reddit forced third-party apps to shut down. So, if you are using Reddit on a smartphone, it has to be the Reddit official app.

You can upload videos from your smartphone using this app. Follow these steps properly:

Open the Reddit app and log in to your account. If you are on a different account, switch to your current account.

Tap the hamburger menu icon at the app’s top left corner and go to the subreddit where you want to submit your video.

Press the Create button from the bottom bar. 

Tap on the Video icon from the toolbar; select your video from the device and press Add.

You can trim the video or tap Next to insert the video in your post. 

Enter an excellent video title, add tags & flair, and type the description if you have any. Finally, press the Post button to submit your post. 

Post YouTube Videos on Reddit

Some subreddits only allow link submission, which means you can submit video links only, not upload a video file.

And there’s no better platform than YouTube to upload your original videos. Moreover, if links from one video-sharing platform are allowed on a subreddit, it has to be YouTube. 

Open the YouTube video you want to share on Reddit in a new tab and copy the video URL from the address bar of your browser.

Return to the subreddit where you want to post and click on Create Post from the right sidebar.

Enter your post title and switch to the Link tab beside Poll.

Paste the video link you copied, and add a flair and tags. When it’s ready to publish, press the Post button. 

Reddit videos have no sound

This is one of the most common issues with Reddit videos. The solution varies from person to person. 

First, ensure the video sound is not muted. Reddit plays the video without sound by default. Click on the video; if there’s an X icon beside the speaker, it means it is muted. Click on the speaker icon to unmute the video. 

Second, check your device volume. If there’s a speaker icon in the video player, it means the video has sound. Try opening the video in a new tab, or if you are using a smartphone, restart your device. 

Third, play another video and check whether the previous video has some issues. If other videos play with sound, it means something was wrong with the previous video. 

Uchchash Talukder Rana is the founder of @ansmegeek. He is the jack of all trades and master of a few. He uses Windows, Mac, Android & iOS on a daily basis. If he is not sleeping, either he is writing articles or playing Valorant.

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