How to see deleted Reddit posts and comments

Reddit is an ocean of information. While scrolling through old conversations and posts, you will often find some posts and comments deleted by the user or removed by the moderators. It would be great if you could read the deleted wisdom on a thread. 

Several tools archive Reddit data; you can use them to see deleted Reddit posts and comments. Now, if a post/comment is deleted, it means the user deleted it; if it says removed, that means the mods of the subreddit deleted it. 


Currently, this is the best solution that works. It can show deleted and removed posts and comments and highlight whether it’s deleted/removed. It also has an Android app so mobile users can access deleted data quickly. 

There are three ways of using this tool.

From Bookmark

  1. Open the Unddit website in a web browser.
  2. Click on the menu icon and navigate to Bookmarks> Show Bookmarks bar; if it’s selected, skip this step.
  3. Drag and drop the Unddit bookmark from the website to the bookmarks bar.
  4. Now open the Reddit post that is deleted or has deleted comments. 
  5. Click on the Unddit bookmark, and it will open the tool in a new tab that will show all deleted data of that post. 

Replace the URL

It’s also a quick way to use this tool. You don’t need to do a bookmark for this; even the bookmark method works this way. So, find the post that was deleted or has deleted/removed comments on the Reddit website.  Then replace the re of Reddit with the un, which will open the tool. 


They have an Android app that makes reading deleted Reddit comments easier. Though you can copy the post link from the Reddit app and replace the URL to view it on a browser, if you have the app, you can tap the share button and open the post using Unddit. 

Here’s the app link.


It’s a great tool to find the posts and comments that the moderators removed. It doesn’t show the posts/comments that the author deleted. It’s a downside of this tool. Otherwise, it’s an excellent tool to find removed content by username or subreddit. 

If you are using Reddit and come across a post/comment that the moderators removed, modify the URL and add ve after re of Reddit. And it will open the post using the Reveddit tool. On the other hand, you can use the search bar of their site to search by subreddit and username. 


It’s a great tool that shows deleted Reddit comments. You can visit the homepage of the tool, and it shows recently deleted comments. You can view the comments and its parent thread on Reddit. As well as, if you remember some words of a comment, you can search for them using Resavr. 

The cool thing is that it has a search bar, which you can use to find deleted posts and comments with specific keywords. You can even scratch a subreddit to find its deleted comments. You can share the deleted content from Resavr to social media sites or print it for future requirements. 

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine, aka Internet Archive, is one of the best ways to find the links erased from the internet. Wayback machine crawls millions of URLs from the web, and any user can save a web page from a website on the internet archive.

If you have the link to a deleted post or a post with deleted threads, you can copy the link of that post and paste it on the Wayback machine. You can check the archive version to see if it crawled on that page. If it has a saved version, it will highlight the date and time.

Though it’s not a proper tool, it’s impossible to crawl and archive all posts because hundreds of thousands of posts are created on Reddit daily. Also, the archive may not include all comments. 

Google Cache

Google crawls public URLs of Reddit. It doesn’t update the page constantly. You can use this scope for your benefit. 

It’s highly possible that a post was deleted from Reddit, but Google hasn’t crawled the deleted version yet. In that case, we can check the cached version of that page to see what Google captured while crawling that page.

Like wayback machine, Google also doesn’t crawl every single Reddit post. So, the chance of finding the cached version of a non-popular post is also rare. 

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