How to post pictures on Reddit

You can post pictures on Reddit directly from the website or mobile app. Reddit has multiple ways of adding pictures to a post, and you can post an image, add images to your post or insert an image in your comments. 

Despite the platform or Reddit version, you can add images from any device you use. However, not all subreddit allow image submission, so check the rules before posting images to a subreddit. 

Post Pictures on Reddit App

Post a picture to a subreddit

  1. Open the Reddit app on your smartphone and tap on the +Create icon at the bottom bar. A new window will appear on your device; tap the Image icon from the bottom bar. 
  2. Select the picture from your device and tap Next. If you use an iPhone, it will ask you to Select more photos at the beginning. 
  3. You can add text to the image, draw something, apply filters, or crop the selected image. If you modify the image, save the progress or tap Add from the bottom right corner. Add Images on Reddit app
  4. Enter a detailed title so people can understand the context. You can also add some body text to explain something you want. Or tap Add to select more photos for your post. 
  5. Tap Next from the top right corner, and it will take you to select the subreddit for your submission. You can pick on the subreddit you are subscribed to.
  6. After selecting the subreddit, tap on Rules beside the subreddit name to ensure your post falls under the subreddit rules. 
  7. Some subreddit require mandatory flairs. So choose tags or flairs if it’s necessary or you want to. Post Pictures on Reddit app
  8. Finally, tap the Post button to submit your post. 

Add a picture to a comment

By default, Reddit doesn’t allow uploading images in comments, but moderators can enable this setting from the subreddit settings. 

You can see the Image icon if a subreddit allows images in comments. Open the post where you want to comment, tap the Comment icon to comment, or Reply in a comment. 

Add images to a comment on Reddit app

It opens the comment box, and there’s an Image icon below the comment box, tap on it. Select an image from your device and tap Use Photo.

You can also add additional text alongside the image. Now press Reply to post your comment. 

Post Pictures on Reddit Website

Post a picture to a subreddit

You can submit images to a subreddit if it allows image submission. You can quickly figure it out on the web version. 

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website. Click on the Create Post box from the homepage. Click on Create Post
  2. Click on Choose a Community drop-down menu and select the subreddit where you prefer to submit your image. Choose a community
  3. If a subreddit doesn’t allow image submissions, the Image & Video tab will be greyed out; otherwise, switch to this tab. And don’t forget to check out the submission rules from the sidebar. Switch to Images and Video
  4. Click the Upload button and select a picture from your device.
  5. Enter a post title, select flairs and tags, and click the Post button to submit your post. Post pictures on Reddit

Add images to a text post

Picture submissions are meant to submit a picture with a title. But you can write a post like an article with images, texts, links, etc. 

  1. Visit the Homepage of Reddit and click on the Create Post box. It takes you to the Submit page. Click on Create Post
  2. Click on Choose a Community and select your desired community. Then check the rules from the sidebar to ensure your post won’t get removed. Choose a community
  3. Write the title of your Post and paste or write down the post content in the Text box. 
  4. Move your mouse cursor to a line where you want to insert an image and click on the Add an Image icon from the toolbar. Add an image to Reddit post
  5. Select the image from your computer, which will be inserted into your post. You can add multiple images to multiple locations using this method.
  6. Then add the necessary tags or flairs and click the Post button to submit your post. 

Add a picture to a comment

The subreddit’s moderators can decide whether a Redditor can upload an image directly to a comment. 

Open the Reddit post in your browser where you want to comment or reply. Click on the Add an Image icon in the comment box or Reply and click on the Image icon in the reply box.

Click on Add an Image icon

Select and open a picture from your device, wait till the image is uploaded, add some text with the image if necessary, and press the Comment button to reply with a picture.

Use Imgur To Post Images in a Comment

Use Imgur to share images on comment

If the subreddit moderators don’t allow direct usage of Images in the comments, you can use third-party websites like Imgur to upload and share the image link in the comments.

It’s the old-school and most reliable way to use images as a reference in Reddit comments because most subreddits don’t support direct images in comments.

You can use the Imgur mobile app if you use the Reddit app on your smartphone, or you can use Imgur on the web if you use the Reddit website. 

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