Reddit Text Formatting: Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and More

Reddit uses Markdown, a markup language, to format text in a plain text editor. In 2018, Reddit introduced Fancy Pants Editor, where you can visually format texts. 

Fancy Pants is only available on the new web version of Reddit. If you use the mobile app or the old Reddit, you must know the markdown to format your texts. 

Reddit Text Formatting

Text formatting means how you organize your texts in a text editor. Reddit uses Markup by default, which is popular among web applications.

You can use the markdown to bold, italics, underline texts or insert links to your texts. In this tutorial, you will learn everything about decorating your texts on Reddit. 

Most Used Reddit Markdown

**my text** my text
__my text__my text
_my text_my text
*my text*my text
___my text___my text
***my text***my text
~~my text~~my text
[link text](source)link text

How to bold text on Reddit

Post body or comments often require some bold words to draw special attention. You can bold text by putting your text inside a double asterisk(**) or underscore (__). 

Type: **your text** or __your text__ 

Output: your text 

If you use the Fancy Pants Editor, select the texts you want to bold using the mouse cursor and click the Bold icon from the toolbar. 

Bold text on Reddit

How to italics text on Reddit

Italicizing is commonly used to draw attention like bold. The markup is also identical to the bold. Put your words inside a single asterisk (*) or underscore(_) to italicize text. 

Type: *your text* or _your text_

Output: your text 

If you use the Fancy Pants Editor, select the texts you want to bold using the mouse cursor and click the Italics icon from the toolbar. 

Italics text on Reddit

How to bold italics text on Reddit

See how bold and italics markup is related to one another? Guess what? 

When you combine them, you get bold italics. So, put your texts inside three asterisk (***) or underscore to bold italics. 

Type: ***your text*** or___your text___

Output: your text

For the Fancy Pants Editor users, select the text where you want to apply both bold and italics and click the Bold and Italics icon from the toolbar. 

Bold italics on Reddit

How to strikethrough text on Reddit

Strikethrough is often used in documents and conversations to indicate some deleted words. You can strikethrough any word by putting them inside a double tilde (~~). 

Type: ~~your text~~

Output: your text

Or, if you use the Fancy Pants Editor, select the words you want to strikethrough and click the Strikethrough icon from the toolbar. 

Strikethrough on Reddit

How to superscript text on Reddit

Reddit is also great for solving mathematical problems or playing with numbers. You can add a superscript by placing your text or number alongside ^. 

Type: ^number

Output: number

It’s easy to add a superscript using the Fancy Pants Editor. First, type the number you want to superscript, select the number using the cursor and click the Superscript icon from the toolbar. 

Add superscript on Reddit

How to add a hyperlink on Reddit

Reddit is a place of reference. People don’t disagree without concrete evidence. Sharing full links looks ugly and takes a lot of place.

Imagine instead of typing https:///; you could write Google and insert the URL. That’s what hyperlink does. 

Type the text inside [], then don’t enter any space and paste the URL inside (). 

Type: [check here](

Output: check here

You can add hyperlinks using the Fancy Pants Editor too. Select the text where you want to insert the link and click the Link icon from the toolbar.

Click on Link

Paste the link in the Link field and press Insert.

Insert Link on Reddit

How to add a heading on Reddit

Heading is the first thing where markdown shows its power over the Fancy Pants Editor. How?

Well, the Fancy Pants Editor has only one heading. When you select the texts and click Heading, it only applies Heading 1. You can’t choose among the 6 headings. 

But, if you use markdown, you can use any heading. The method is simple: use the number of # at the beginning of the sentence as a header.

If you want to add a Heading 2 inside your post or comment, type ## Your heading text, which will be rendered as a Heading 2. 

How to quote on Reddit

As a Redditor, you must know how to quote. Often, people discuss in comments, and you don’t want to copy-paste the whole comment to add context to a specific part. 

Enter > at the beginning of every sentence you want to quote. For example, if you have three sentences to quote, type

> sentence 1 

> sentence 2

> sentence 3

Reddit will put these three sentences inside a quote block. Or, if you use the Fancy Pants Editor, select the lines you want to quote and click the Quote Block icon from the toolbar. 

Quote on Reddit

Markdown vs. Fancy Pants Editor

Fancy Pants Editor is limited and not available on the mobile app. Moreover, Markdown is universal text formatting for the internet. 

The difference is you can see the text formatting in real time on the Fancy Pants Editor. It helps you ensure that your text formatting is correct. 

But, once you learn the markdown, you can easily format your posts and comments. You can also decorate your content stylishly, which is impossible using the Fancy Pants Editor. 

You can check the official Reddit Wiki to understand how strong the Markdown is. 

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