MI Router Login

You can control your MI router from the web GUI or use the MIWiFi app on your smartphone. 

MI routers have a common router login IP, which is They also have a web address called http://miwifi.com

Unlike other routers, you can use your WiFi password as the router admin password. 

MI Router Login

To control the network, you must connect your device to the router using a wired or wireless method. 

So, first, connect your computer or smartphone to the WiFi network. 

Open a web browser and type http://miwifi.com or in the address bar. Press Enter to visit the web page or IP.

It takes you to your MI Router login page.

MI Router Login

In the Admin password field, enter the admin or WiFi password according to your setup.

Press Enter.

You can see your router’s control panel if the password is correct. 

Reset your router if the password is wrong or you forgot it.

Change MI WiFi Name & Password

The primary reason why people want to access their MI Router’s admin area is to modify the WiFi settings. 

After logging in to the control panel using the admin password / WiFi password, click on Settings from the top navigation bar.

Click Settings from the top

It takes you to the Wi-Fi Settings page. 

If you want to update your WiFi name, enter the new name in the Name field. Wi-Fi name is also known as SSID in many routers. 

Enter your WiFi Name MI Router

Select Mixed (WPA / WPA2 -personal) in the Encryption drop-down menu. It’s the standard for most of the routers.

MI Router Change WiFi Password

Enter your new password in the Password field. 

Click Save to update your Wi-Fi Settings. 

Using Wi-Fi to access a router’s control panel has its disadvantages. Any changes to the Wi-Fi network will disconnect all connected devices.

So, after changing your Wi-Fi name or password, you must connect your computer or smartphone to the Wi-Fi using updated credentials. 

If you also want to make further changes to the router, open a browser and visit

Log in using the WiFi password or admin password and carry on. 

Setup a Guest Network MI Router

You can also enable a guest network for your guests with a different SSID. Guest networks can have a password or not, depending on your choice. 

Log in to your MI Router’s control panel by following the process from this article. 

Click on Settings from the top toolbar.

Click Settings from the top

Scroll down to the Guest Wi-Fi section.

If you want to turn on Guest Network, choose Turn on, or keep it Turn off if you don’t need the network now. 

Enter the name of your Guest SSID in the Name field. 

Modify Guest Network MI Router

Choose the encryption type from the drop-down menu. 

Select Non-encrypted (everyone can access) if you don’t want to use any password. 

Or, select Mixed(WPA/WPA2-personal) and enter a password. 

Click Save to update the guest network. 

Change MI Router Admin Password 

Using your WiFi password as your router’s admin password is not secure. 

You won’t be able to set up adequate parental controls if your kids can access the control panel and tweak the settings.

Click Settings from the top navigation bar.

Click Settings from the top

Switch to the Security tab.

Go to MI Router Security Page

Scroll down to the Admin password area.

Enter your current admin password. Enter your admin password if you choose your WiFi password while setting it up. 

Change Admin Password MI Router

Type a new password for the control panel.

Re-type the password to confirm.

Click the Save button to save changes. 

Factory Reset MI Router

Factory resetting your MI router will restore factory default settings. You must configure the Wi-Fi name & password and admin password from scratch. 

  1. Turn on your MI Router.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button on the rear panel of the router.
  3. Release the button after 10-15 seconds when the LEDs start blinking. 

Now connect a computer to your MI router, and open a web browser. 

Visit http://miwifi.com or; configure your Wireless network and enter your router admin password. 

Configure MI Router
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