Netgear Router Login

Netgear makes it easier to control their routers from a smartphone or computer.

You can install their app on your smartphone or use a web browser on your computer to manage your network. 

If you visit or from a computer connected to a Netgear router, it takes you to the router login page.

The default Netgear login credentials are:

Login IP:
Login URL: 

Once you log in to the control panel, you can update your wireless network, set up a guest network, use parental controls, or change the router login password. 

Netgear Router Login

  1. Connect your computer to your Netgear router using a LAN cable.
  2. Open a web browser and visit http://routerlogin.comNetgear Router Login
  3. Enter admin in the User Name field and password in the Password field.
  4. Click OK to log in to the control panel. 

Change Netgear Name and Password

After logging in, you can see the homepage of the control panel; it looks like this:

Click Wireless from the homepage.

Click on Netgear Wireless

Select Enable SSID Broadcast if it’s not selected for a network. It ensures the SSID is findable on all devices.

Enable Netgear SSID Broadcast

Enter your desired name in the Name(SSID) field. 

Netgear WiFi Name

On Security Options, choose WPA2-PSK [AES]

Netgear Security Options

Enter your WiFi password in the Passphrase field.

Netgear WiFi Password

Click Apply to save changes. 

Click Apply to save changes

You can make changes to 2.4GHz/5GHz or both networks. Don’t forget to click Apply after making any changes to your wireless network.

Set up a Netgear Guest Network

Log in to the control panel and click Guest Network from the left sidebar. 

Click on Guest Network

Enter your guest network name in the Guest Wireless Network Name(SSID) field.

Netgear Guest Network

Select WPA2-PSK [AES] as Security Options – Profile. Enter the guest network password in the Passphrase field.

To make the guest network open for all, select None on Security Options – Profile. Anyone within the router’s range can connect to your guest network without a password.

Finally, select Ensure SSID Broadcast. Anyone who turns on WiFi can find the SSID on their WiFi networks list.

Select Enable Guest Network if you want to start the guest network. Or, you can enable it only when you have guests in your house. 

Click Apply to save changes.

Change Netgear Admin Password

Netgear uses a Password as its default login password. It’s unsafe, as it’s only a Google search away. 

You can change your password and set up security questions. If you ever forget your login password, you can reset your password by answering those security questions.

Click Advanced from the top toolbar.

Netgear Advanced Settings

Click Administration from the left sidebar to expand the menu and select Set Password.

Go to Set Password

Enter your current password in the Old Password field. If you still use the default password, type password in this field.

Netgear Change Admin Password

Type your new password in the Set Password field and repeat the same password in the Repeat New Password field.

Select Enable Password Recovery if you want to reset the password without resetting your router.

Netgear Admin Password Recovery

Select two security questions and type the answers in the Answer fields.

Click Apply to update your password.

Update admin password

After changing the password, it takes you to the login page. Use admin in the User Name field and your new password in the Password field to log in. 

Recover Netgear Admin Password

Netgear requires your router serial number, labeled on the bottom of your router, and answers to the security questions to reset your admin password.

Connect your computer to your Netgear router and visit from a web browser. 

Don’t enter anything in the password field; click the Cancel button.

It redirects you to the Router Password Recovery page.

Netgear Serial Number

Enter your router’s serial number, and click Continue.

Netgear Password Recovery

Answer the security questions and click Continue.

Netgear will offer you a new password. You can access the control panel using the username admin and the new password.

Netgear temporary password

After accessing the control panel, you can change your login password. 

Reset a Netgear Router

You can’t reset your router to access the control panel if you forgot the admin password and didn’t enable password recovery.

Resetting a router also helps you to troubleshoot some connectivity issues. 

  1. Power on your Netgear.
  2. Find the reset button on the back panel of it.
  3. Press and hold the reset button until the LEDs start blinking. 
  4. Your router will reboot to the factory default settings.

Resetting means your router will restore default settings. You must manually configure the connectivity and wireless network from the control panel.

You can access the control panel using the default password and make changes to your network. 

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