Netis Router Login –

The good thing about Netis routers is you can visit from a connected device, and it shows the control panel.

There are no router login credentials by default. However, you can create a username and password to protect the control panel. 

Netis control panel is simple, and anyone can modify their network quickly.

Netis Router Login

Connect your computer to your Netis router using an ethernet cable. If you use a laptop or smartphone, connect to the WiFi network.

If you are configuring the router for the first time, find the router’s default SSID and password from a label on the router’s bottom side. 

Open a web browser on your device and visit Alternatively, you can type and press Enter to access the control panel. 

The default user interface looks like this without admin username and password:

Netis Router Login

If there’s an admin username and password, will ask for a username and password before it shows you the control center.

Netis Router Login

Change Netis WiFi Name and Password

Access the router’s control panel by visiting from a web browser.

Click Advanced from the top right corner.

Click Advanced Netis Router

Select Wireless from the left sidebar. It takes you to the Wireless Settings page.

Click Wireless Netis Router

In the SSID field, type your desired WiFi name. Ensure Enable is chosen on SSID Broadcast.

Netis Router WiFi Name

Select WPA2-PSK in the Authentication type drop-down menu.

Type your password in the Password field.

Netis WiFi Password

Click Save

Create Multiple SSID on Netis

You can create 3 SSIDs from the control panel of your router. Unlike TP-Link, there’s no guest network on Netis.

That’s why they allow multiple SSIDs. You can create multiple SSIDs but only enable them when needed.

Click Advanced from the top menu.

Click Advanced Netis Router

Click Wireless from the left sidebar.

Click Wireless Netis Router

Select Multiple SSID from the menu.

Click on Multiple SSID

Click on the Select AP drop-down menu and select any.

Select AP

Choose Enable on Status to enable the SSID.

Enter the network name on the SSID field. 

Enable Multiple SSID Netis

Enable SSID Broadcast.

Select WPA2-PSK as the Authentication type.

Netis Multiple SSID Password

Enter the password in the Password field.

Click Save

Create / Change Netis Admin Username and Password

Netis doesn’t provide a default username/password so that users can access their control panel easily.

But from a security point of view, it’s not ideal to leave your control panel open. 

You can set up parental controls and monitor connected devices from the control panel. It’s necessary to make it secure.

Click Advanced from the top right corner of the control panel.

Click Advanced Netis Router

Click System Tools from the sidebar; it expands a menu.

Netis System Tools

Select Password from the menu. 

Go to Netis password

You can’t enter anything in the Username and Current password field because there’s no default username and password.

If you previously created a username and password, enter the password in the Current password field. 

Netis Admin Password

Type your new admin name in the New Username field. 

Enter the new login password in the New Password field.

Type the same new password in the Confirm New Password field. 

Click Save

After setting up a username and password, or updating them, Netis instantly asks you to log in using the credentials.

Instant Login Netis

Reset Netis Router

You can use the control panel or the reset key on the router to reset your Netis router. 

Reset a Netis Router From /

  1. Connect your device to the router’s WiFi or use a LAN cable for the computer.
  2. Visit from a web browser.
  3. Click Advanced from the top menu bar. Click Advanced Netis Router
  4. Click System Tools from the left sidebar. It expands the menu. Netis System Tools
  5. Select Factory Defaults from the menu.  Netis Factory Defaults
  6. Click the Restore button.
  7. Select OK from the pop-up. Select OK to reset Netis router

Reset a Netis router using the Reset button

  1. Power up your Netis router.
  2. There’s a Default key on the rear panel of it.
  3. Press and hold the button until all LEDs start blinking.
  4. Release the button; the router will reboot to the factory default settings. 

Here’s what happens when you reset your router:

  1. Your router will start with the default SSID. You can find the name and password at the bottom of your router. Connect to your router’s WiFi to control it. If you removed the label, try password as the WiFi password or use a computer to access the control panel. 
  2. There won’t be any login page for the control panel. You must manually create a new admin username and password.
  3. You have to configure the network settings to connect to the internet. You must contact your ISP for assistance if you don’t know the process. 
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