Tenda Router Login

Your Tenda router login interface depends on the model you are using. But every Tenda router has as its login IP; alternatively, you can visit http://tendawifi.com

Tenda routers don’t require an admin username; you can log in using only a password.

However, some router allows accessing the control panel without creating a password, while some router needs an admin password while setting them up for the first time. 

Tenda Router Login

Tenda router login

Connect your smartphone, laptop, or desktop to your Tenda router via WiFi or LAN cable. Open a web browser on your device and visit or http://tendawifi.com. It won’t ask for a password if you never set one, but it will ask if you created a login password.

Change WiFi Name and Password

You can see a user interface like the image below after logging in to the control panel:

Tenda Control Panel

Click WiFi Settings from the left sidebar.

Click on WiFi Settings

Select WiFi Name & Password from this page.

Select WiFi Name and Password

A pop-up with wireless configuration will appear on your screen. 

Tenda Wireless Settings

Enable the network you want. You can use both networks or any network you prefer. Also, ensure you are not hiding the WiFi name. 

Enable and show the SSID

Type your new network name in the WiFi name field. 

Choose Encryption Mode

Select WPA2-PSK in the Encryption Mode drop-down menu if anything else is selected.

Enter your network password in the WiFi Password field.

Change Tenda WiFi Password

After modifying anything, don’t forget to press the Save button to apply the changes.

Note: Changing the WiFi name or password will remove all connected devices from the network. 

Setup Guest Network 

Guest Network is a separate network from your primary network. You can enable it for a specific period for guests. 

After logging in to the control panel, click on Guest Network from the left sidebar.

Tenda Guest Network

Enable Guest Network using the toggle button. 

Enable Tenda Guest Network

Provide guest network names for 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Tenda Guest Network Name

Enter the Guest Network Password and select the validity of the guest network. 

Tenda Guest Network Password

There are three options: 4 hours, 8 hours, and Always. Select as your need. 

Guest Network Validity

Click Save to update your guest network. 

Save Tenda Guest Network

Change Tenda Admin Password

This section is divided into two parts. If your router doesn’t require an admin password for login, your interface and process will differ. 

So, open a web browser, go to, and log in to the control panel. Enter the login password if it requires one.

If you logged in without a password:

Click Administration from the left sidebar.

Click on Administration

Enter your new admin password in the New Password field and re-type the same password in the Confirm Password field.

Tenda login password

Click OK to apply the changes.

Click OK to save

If you logged in using a password:

Click System Settings from the left sidebar.

Click on System Settings

Select Login Password from this page.

Click on Login password

Type your current password in the Old Password field.

Enter your current password

Enter your new admin password in the New Password field and re-type the same password in the Confirm Password.

Change Admin password Tenda

Click Save to update your admin password.

Reset Tenda Router

Sometimes, you must reset your router if you forget the admin password or have some network issue. 

Resetting your Tenda router is easy; you need 15 seconds to complete the process. 

  1. Power up your Tenda router.
  2. Find the Reset label on the rear side of your router.
  3. Press the button with a paper clip and hold until all LEDs blink.

After a factory reset, you must set up everything from scratch, including your WiFi name & password. 


Open a web browser and go to http://tendawifi.com. It will show the control panel of your router. If you have an admin password, a login page will appear on your screen. 

Also, don’t share the admin password with anyone else because it’s possible to control your network from the panel. 

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