Zyxel Router Login

You must know how to log in to a Zyxel router to change your WiFi password, change the admin password or manage your network. 

The default Zyxel router login IP is, and the default login username is admin, but there’s no default password.

How to log in to a Zyxel router?

Zyxel router login
  1. Connect your computer to your Zyxel router using an ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Enter admin in the username field, and find the password from the router label.
  4. Press Login to access the Zyxel admin interface. 

How to change Zyxel WiFi name and Password

First, log in to the Zyxel router’s control panel by visiting from a device connected to the router.

Zyxel wireless settings

Click on the hamburger menu icon at the top right corner, and select Network Setting from the menu. It will expand the menu. Click on Wireless from the menu. It will take you to the wireless settings page. 

Keep the same settings for both networks

You can keep the same settings for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks by selecting it in the Wireless section. 

Zyxel select network band

Or, select the network you want to edit from the Band drop-down menu.

Zyxel WiFi Name

Enter your new WiFi name in the Wireless Network Name field.

Uncheck generate password automatically

Scroll down to the Security Level and ensure the Generate password automatically is unchecked. If checked, it generates a secure password; you can only view it but can’t modify it. 

Zyxel WiFi Password

Enter your WiFi password in the Password field.

Click Apply to change WiFi settings

Click Apply at the bottom of the page to update your Wireless network settings. 

Setup Zyxel Guest Network

You can set up a guest network for guests, which is separate from your primary network.

Zyxel wireless settings

Log in to the Zyxel admin panel by following the process above. Click on the hamburger menu icon, select Network Setting and click on Wireless.

Switch to the Guest More AP

Switch to the Guest/More AP beside the General tab. 

Modify the guest network

Click on the Modify icon beside the network name you want to edit. 

Enable guest network

First, toggle on Wireless to enable the guest network. 

Guest network name

Enter your guest WiFi name in the Wireless Network Name field. 

Zyxel WiFi Password

Select Generate Password Automatically to create a random password for the guest network or enter the password in the Password field.

Click OK to update your guest network. 

Zyxel Router Change Admin Password

The default admin password is printed on the router label. Anyone who can get their hands on the router can view the password.

It makes your network insecure. You can change the admin password from the control panel.

First, connect your smartphone or computer to the router network. Open a web browser and go to

Zyxel router login

Enter admin in the Username field and type the password in the Password field. Click Login to access the control panel.

Click on Maintenance

Click on the hamburger menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. Select Maintenance and go to User Account from the menu.

Change Zyxel Admin Password

Click the Modify icon beside the current username. 

Enter the old password, type your new password and confirm the new password. Click OK to update the admin password.

Reset Zyxel Router

Zyxel routers have a reset button on their rear panel. Power on your Zyxel router and press & hold the reset button using a paperclip. Release when all LEDs blink and the router restarts. 

What happens when you factory reset a Zyxel router?

Zyxel restores the default settings, which means you must reconfigure your internet connection and wireless networks.

The good thing is you can log in using the default username and password from the router label. 

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