How to Sync Bookmarks in Chrome

There are two reasons why your bookmarks are not syncing. Either you didn’t sign into your Google account because when you sign in, you can turn on syncing, and Google automatically syncs everything. 

Or, you turned off synced everything and unselected Bookmarks mistakenly. You can identify the issue quickly from the Chrome settings on any device. 

Sync Bookmarks on Chrome PC

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the menu icon from the top right corner of the browser. Click on Settings from the menu; it takes you to the You and Google page. 

Turn on Sync Chrome

Click the Turn on sync… button if you didn’t enable syncing previously. 

Yes, I'm in

A pop-up will appear on your screen; select Yes, I’m in from the pop-up. It will enable the Sync everything feature. 

If the You and Google page shows it’s syncing to your Google account and not syncing your bookmarks, go to Sync and Google services from this page.

Manage what you sync

Go to Manage what you sync from this page. 

Sync everything Chrome

Select Sync everything to sync bookmarks with passwords, history, etc. 

Sync Bookmarks Chrome

Or, if you are using Customize sync, ensure to toggle on Bookmarks if it’s off. 

Now Chrome will sync your bookmarks and bookmarks folder across all devices that use the same Google account. 

Sync Bookmarks on Chrome iOS

You must enable syncing if you want to use a Google account on Chrome iOS. However, you can choose to sync everything or specific data. 

Launch Google Chrome on your iPhone/iPad and tap the … icon from the bottom right corner. 

If you are not logged in, Chrome will show the first Google account from your device. Tap on Continue as [First name]. 

Turn on Sync Chrome iPhone

Or, if you want to use a different account for syncing, tap on Choose Another Account. Pick one of the existing accounts or add a new account to your device. 

Tap Yes. I’m in button from the bottom right corner. It will enable Sync everything by default. 

However, if your Settings page says Sync On, you must troubleshoot the issue further. 

Tap on Sync from Settings. Toggle on Sync Everything if it’s not already. 

Sync Bookmarks Chrome iPhone

Otherwise, toggle on Bookmarks if it’s toggled off. 

Sync Bookmarks on Chrome Android

The issue with the Chrome Android version is you can select a Google account while first setting it up but continue without enabling syncing. 

In that case, Chrome won’t precisely sync your bookmarks. If you selected No thanks while setting up your account, you must enable it from Settings. 

Check if you disallowed Sync

Open Chrome on your device and tap on your Google profile picture from the top bar. It takes you to the Settings page directly. 

Turn on Sync Chrome Android

Tap on Sync and select Yes, I’m in. It will sync everything. 

Otherwise, if Sync says on, tap on Sync and toggle on Sync everything. Or else, select Bookmarks if it’s not selected. 

Sync Bookmarks Chrome Android

You can avoid the hustle of syncing bookmarks if you select Yes, I’m in while logging into your Google account in Chrome on any device for the first time. 

If you don’t sync your bookmarks, Chrome will store them locally. If you uninstall Chrome or re-install your operating system, you will lose your bookmarks. At the same time, you won’t get your bookmarks on another device. 


Why are my bookmarks showing on another computer?

It happens when you sign into your account on another device and you are syncing everything on your other devices. You can eliminate this problem by not enabling Sync when you sign in. 

Why are my bookmarks not showing up in Chrome?

It could happen due to multiple reasons. Especially if you are using a mobile device, there’s a chance that you have multiple Google accounts and you are syncing the data using the wrong account. In that case, you can sign out and change your account. 

Or, it could also happen if you toggled off Sync everything and toggled off Bookmarks. 

What are the differences between bookmarks and other bookmarks in Chrome?

There are no significant differences; Other Bookmarks is just a folder Chrome displays on the right side of the bookmarks bar. On the other hand, Chrome uses the Mobile bookmarks folder to store bookmarks from smartphones and the Bookmarks Bar folder to show bookmarks in the bookmarks bar. 

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